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Friday, 22 April 2011

Bush Camp in Tanzania - Tips for planning your trip

We did a 10 day bush camp in Tanzania. Camping trips come with 4 Wheel Drives, Driver cum Guide and Cook. Provisions and camping equipment is carried along with you.

Here are a few tips:


Campsites are of various types some with special and others with basic facilities. Generally campsites within the forest reserve are more basic but also the most atmospheric. You can hear the animals at night and you are closer to the game drive locations. Campsites again are categorized as special or public. Special is slightly more expensive and hence is less crowded and has more privacy. Special doesn't necessarily mean more facilities.

When you deal with your safari provider you should carefully check the location of your campsite and facilities. In some places you may even get a hot shower...whereas others are basic. You should be able to negotiate upgrades e.g. for the same price ask for a better camp site (say within the reserve).

Pic: Serengeti public camp site at Serenora. (picture copyright: authors)

There are also luxury campsites which are permanent campsites with all the creature comforts. Generally these are pitched close to migration routes and the experience can be extraordinary. In case you opt for this mode of accommodation camping equipment is not required as you would check in to the luxury tents.

There is also another option for accommodation called ie- Hotels & Lodges as the name suggests these are Hotels / Lodges & Resorts within the forest. They all have restaurants / bars etc. Usually they are located at prime locations and depending on what facilities they offer the prices would vary. Obviously this is not camping.

Even if you choose this alternative I would certainly recommend at least 1 night in the bush camp as this would be unforgettable.


Check with your operator what vehicle he has. Generally they are of a reasonably good standard though luxury options (extra cushions / ACs etc) can also be included. Most vehicles come with attached radios for communication though mobile signals worked fine in most parts of Northern Tanzania. Our 4WD did not have did not impact our experience.

You can also hire your own 4WD and drive on your own. Unless you have been in the park frequently to know the approaches / roads etc. this is not advisable. Flat tyres and break downs are not unknown. We had a flat tyre with soon after we saw a lioness and would have been stranded if we were on our own.

Pic: We had a flat tyre moments after spotting the lioness below. (pic copyright: authors)


Generally your guide will know most of the animals / birds etc. But if you wish to understand better it is good to have a few books with you. Check with your operator as to what books he will provide. We are avid bird watchers and the books initially provided were not that good. Luckily we had another group on tour from the same company who were not that much into birding and we were able to borrow their books for the rest of the journey.


This is the most complicated. You need to have a discussion with your tour operator and customize your itinerary e.g we customized our itinerary to include a visit to the bushmen tribes as well as spent an extra day in the Serengeti. If you are staying longer in a reserve a good idea would be move to different camp get you a feel for the various places in the forest.


Tipping is expected at the end of the trip. Depending on your level of satisfaction the thumb rule is that the driver gets a tip of 10-15$ a day and the cook 8-10$ a day. Tipping should never be based on whether you have seen many animals or big 5 etc. This puts pressure on the guide to take extra risks. You will see animals for sure.

Pic: A lioness rests under a bush by the road tracks. She was less than 10 feet from our vehicle. (picture copyright - authors)

Generally all guides & cooks are focused on giving you a memorable experience so pushing them is not good. If you have specific interests you should discuss with your guide as you begin the tour. Also much depends on what you seek and the rapport you are able build with your guide.

We hope this is useful.

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