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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Mokokchung - a mouthful of tranquility

Mokokchng is a small town in Nagaland in India. It is a 4 hour drive from Kohima the capital of Nagaland. Mokokchung lies in the hills and nearest town in the plains is Jorhat in Assam. Mokokchung is a beautiful sleepy town and a commercial transit point.

Pic: Entrance to the Mokokchung Village

It was once the scene of significant violence but now peace reigns in this place. However Mokokchung is not quite discovered yet in the tourism map.

Pic: Peace Monument celebrating ceasefire in Nagaland

This towns centre point  called the Imlong Place and the main point for the buses and taxis. Uphill from here is the DC Hill a beautifully perched location commanding spectacular views of the hills of Nagaland. Hotel Whispering Winds - a very good hotel is located in DC Hills.

Straight ahead is the beautiful Mokochung Village which is an uphill climb and has a scenic view point. Hotel Metsuben another good hotel is situated here.

Mokokchung is dear to Nagas as the point from which Christianity spread to the rest of the state many years ago. The Baptist Church holds pride of place and dominates the main town square.

Pic: Baptist Church at Mokokchung

Pic: Young worshippers after attending services at the Church

This houses here are built on wooden stilts have small gardens and a pig sty. Also oranges and pomelos are quite common here.

Pic: A home garden

One can proceed further from this place to Mon or come down via a highly forested route to the plains of Nagaland and then to Jorhat - the tea town in Assam. The ride is very bumpy but a amidst pristine forests.

Pic: The plains of Nagaland bordering Assam and in the background the Naga Hills

 The peace and tranquillity of this place is extraordinary and a stay here just to soak in the silence is wonderful.

Travel Tips:

Accommodation: There are only 2 good hotels here - Whispering Wind and Metsuben. Generally rooms are always available but it is better to call early and confirm.

Transport: Mokokchung is well connected to Kohima. There are buses that ply to Assam - Jorhat / Dibrugarh etc. Avoid night travel at all costs here. All taxis will have a tariff card. See the tariff card before you sign up. Some taxis do not venture into Jorhat town and have a local arrangement instead..ensure that this is included when you negotiate i.e. be specific about your drop point.

Language: The Nagal language is the local language. English and Hindi are well understood apart from Assamese and Bengali.

Buying: Behind Imlong place is a well constructed market which has shops that sell handicrafts. The Naga government too has a stall but never opened during our stay. The officials seemed to show up occasionally.